Love is joy
Because it is the font of life

Love is beauty
Because it means universal perfection

Love is power
Because there is no limit to its abilities

Love is light
Because all hopes are entrusted to it

Love is truth
Because it is the keeper of all laws

Do you not find that both of these poems are full of the sublime love of a parent? The first poem speaks about the hidden purpose in the lives and destinies of humans, and the second speaks about the font of love that is stored in the land of God and that is the driving force that pervades the cosmos and all life.

And that which we look upon as God is the one and only God who gave birth to humans and all other life and is the sole creator of the cosmos. And because God is the creator of all, it is wrong to think that that this God would be prejudiced and love only one country or one nation, one race or one tribe, and reject all others.

Science has revealed the incorrect practices of past religions and brought the real image of the true God to the world. And to distinguish this true God from the old conceptions of God, they have named it “Something Great.”

If you look down from the sky upon the land, there are no lines to be seen that indicate national borders. Migratory birds and animals ignore the borders that people have made and travel about freely. They mock man’s narrow-mindedness.

And while religions should have universal vision and teach the truths of the universe, instead they make gods that are consumed by human prejudice and who love only their own family and reject all others. They clash with one another, spill each other’s blood and kill. Just where is the God who is the parent of all life?

What’s more, the ostensibly freedom-loving America is a land that should be bound by the obligations that come with upholding equal rights. They claim to be a country of free competition, but they instead devote themselves only to upholding the right of free speech and have not succeeded in becoming the world’s leading nation based on a system of egalitarian jurisprudence that they purport to be.

Communism is supposed to be a system that works communally with the people, but their leaders also possess special rights and privileges. They live in nice homes and live comfortable lives. They rest on the laurels of their power and authority, and they themselves exemplify the inconsistencies between the ideals and the realities of communism.

People have yet to overcome past grievances, and they steep themselves in the pursuit of personal gain. Such thoughts are exacerbated by “Henry” (the self-inductance behind the unchecked intent to fulfill one’s desires), and it would appear that the pitiful fate of the human animal is to speed itself to certain destruction.

Here is the difference between a “person” and a “human”: “Person” is the name given to one who is a child of God. “Human” refers to those who stand somewhere in between those children of God and animals.

If the children of God were to direct themselves toward God, they would themselves become God as “parent.” If, however, you were to direct yourself toward animals, you would become as the devil; you would attack yourself, and you would all be speeding down the road to ruin. I ask you then, people, which road do you intend to follow?


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