Now I will expound upon the main theme. It is no exaggeration to say that this homepage exists for precisely that purpose, and I have made it a point to separate it from the previous sections in order to give people a chance for reflection.

The name of my group is Human Desire. The name now seems to also have another meaning, but I would like you to understand it as the hopes of humanity.

What I am about to tell you is the message of the holy Something Great (the Creator). It must not be read out of mere interest, but with purpose and effort to understand the meaning.

What I will first tell to you is something that was revealed by the same Something Great to my revered teacher, Shinji Takahashi. While proclaiming this revelation to the world, he fell ill and, before passing away, urged his disciples to continue for him. His disciples, however, took advantage of their position, neglected their training, and became interested in their own prestige.

The master had declared that he would speak at the United Nations, and anyone would understand the importance of that. All of the countries of the world have branch offices at the United Nations, where functionaries calmly discuss matters relating to the peace and prosperity of the world. The original function of the U.N. was to settle matters through discussion without resorting to force. It was given the responsibility of mediating between countries that were in disagreement and prevent the spilling of blood.

In light of this role of the U.N., just what did the great teacher intend to speak on? The content of his intended address is as follows:

The limits of science were stretched to bring us space travel. And, whereas rockets could only be used once, science developed to the point that it has brought us a reusable space shuttle. Along these same lines, science could create something like a space bus, which would be a minimally equipped space craft that could easily ride on the back of a jumbo passenger jet and which could be fired into space from the stratosphere at an altitude of 12,000 meters. Once they perfected the technology that would allow the craft to safely orbit the Earth, he wanted the leaders and kings of all the world’s nations to board this space bus and look down upon the Earth. This was the great teacher’s intended address.

We say that we live in a three-dimensional world, but if someone were to stand in front of you, you would not be able to see beyond them. It would not be an exaggeration, therefore, to say that we actually live in a two-dimensional world.

I would like you now to free your hearts, completely separate your minds from the affairs of the world, and look at what I am about to say with the unfettered, straightforward innocence of a child.
America once sent an unmanned planetary probe into space. The rocket sped away from the Earth and sent back information gathered from the planets it visited. It eventually made its way to the last planet in the solar system, Pluto. Before it continued on toward the outer reaches of the universe, it turned its camera on the Earth, which glowed blue with the brilliance of a jewel.

Earth – the only beautifully shining life-sustaining star in the entire Milky Way. The Earth is where we and our ancestors have lived, and it is mother to all life. As our mother star, it is only natural that we would hope and pray for the eternal existence of the Earth.

Seen from a spacecraft circling the Earth, there are no national boundaries whatsoever, and those living creatures other than people live natural existences, freely going where they want.
Where is the need for fighting, struggling, and killing when the Earth is the only paradise of life in the solar system and the only Garden of Eden?

If you orbited the Earth and looked down upon it, you would see just how thin the atmosphere is. And with the gigantic population of people that now inhabits it, there is no doubt that the Earth will become a dead star if we continue to so carelessly pollute it.

This is why we must not see ourselves as Americans, Italians, Koreans, or Japanese, but as equal members of the spacecraft called “Earth.” We have a duty to come together in solidarity in order to protect the Earth.

The members of our group, however, have grown old and face numerous problems in their everyday lives. They are preoccupied with living and no longer have the passion to bring dreams, hopes, and ideals to fruition.

But there are many people in the world who, like me, maintain the curiosity of a child no matter what their age and who are consumed by the passion of youth. Their youthful actions affect those around them and are bringing reform to society and changing the world. That is why I am writing this. It is an appeal to all of the people scattered about the world who are as curious as children and as passionate as youths. I ask for their sympathy and cooperation.

And those who stand above the people of the world – the kings, emperors, and other leaders and rulers – they themselves passed through childhood to arrive where they are now. And while they strive to preserve their positions, there is not one who does not deep down want to face death with no regrets, leaving behind a blithesome smile. That is why such people should make every effort to broaden their minds so that they can administer their governments responsibly and justly.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Just as this proverb suggests, you become aware of the importance of a spouse when that spouse passes away. When we view the Earth from a distance, we realize just how wonderful it is to live there and just how important it is that people live together in harmony. This is because to view the Earth from space is to view it from the throne of Something Great (God).

In a past life, my former teacher, Shinji Takahashi, was a spiritual leader born in India. It is said that he spent his entire life spreading his teachings amongst the people and the nobility. There is thus no doubt that he came to the present world in order to calm the hearts of all the world’s nobility, kings, emperors, presidents, and other rulers and to provide a method for rectifying governmental administration by offering his plan for the space bus.


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