The history of the human race goes back 5 million years and is said to have started in the plains of Africa. From there, humans spread across the world, and, with their superior intellect, reign unchallenged over all living creatures.

But Something Great whispered to me, “It is because of this that people in fact deter their own advancement. And what they possess within is further driving them to a destiny of destruction.”
What we see all around us is just as it was related to me. Man has been spilling blood and killing one another since the dawn of history. And the more advances there are in modern science, the more definite it becomes that man will die in the never ending race to develop antibiotics to keep one step ahead of the resistant bacterial strains they induce.

And with no signposts to guide us through life, humans would truly be sad and lonely creatures with no God in which to find solace.

There are no signposts guiding the future of humankind either. But because they have intellect, they can examine their own conduct in the wake of history and reposition themselves on a positive course into the future.

People can individually correct the future of their lives and destinies, and it is similarly true that the human race can do so as a whole. But in order to affect such a great turnabout, humankind would have to reflect deeply upon the many errors it committed while traveling the road to the present; they would have to reflect deeply and repent.

People, I urge you to take the love of your instincts and turn it into the supreme love of self-sacrifice. Lift your emotions to a state of refined sensitivity, and let the hidden lyre of your poetic sensibilities play its tune to the service of beauty and art in life.

Use your reason to suppress the flesh and know the road of truth. Use your intellect to improve the environment. Live a bright life of hope. Wherein lies the difference between those possessing intellect who kill the child of a lesser beast in order to use it to nourish their own children, and those who, for the sake of their own beloved, kill and obliterate the loved ones of another?

People, the world of humankind will never be visited by peace and prosperity as long as you do not reflect and think deeply on this matter and repent. As long as people stockpile weapons to intimidate others and use military force to subdue others, peace will never return to the society of man.

I hope and pray for the quick arrival of the day when science will show the substantial advancements needed to give clarity to the existence of Something Great, and the fears of humankind will be held in check.

People, further understand this: that, in the service of the desires, impure motives and worldly passions arising from the temptations of the flesh, so long as you obfuscate your true intentions when communicating with others, you will give rise to doubts that preclude the establishment of mutual trust and people will be divided.


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