Now I will address the purpose of this discourse. There is not a modern nation that does not have a king or some form of leader or ruler. They claim to exist for the common good of the people, but is that really true? Is that what they really think?

In this most advanced society of today, if there were leaders, kings, rulers, or top religious figures who claimed to be of a special kind of existence that is close to God, they would most surely be megalomaniacs who would misguide you to commit grave mistakes if you were to take them seriously.

The proof of this is that, while great founders of religions or other leaders may die and leave this world, the universe regards their deaths with utter indifference. Nature proceeds on her course as usual and phenomenally indicates to us that the true God exists within eternity.

As such, those who know the existence of the Creator, and know that they are themselves among the created, must ready themselves to work humbly as disciples in the service of the Creator, recognize that their mission is to be led by the Creator, and give of themselves unstintingly while leaving all else to providence.

There are people who deceive others and protect their own interests so that they may live in luxury and splendor. But I want it to be known that they are themselves beings who were created and whose lives will last no longer than a number of decades, for death visits itself upon all. And with death comes the knowledge of whether they were in fact gods or just deceivers of the people, and punishment in the name of Something Great (Creator) will certainly rain down upon them. Their consciences will be pained for their long years of deception, and this will cause continuous and eternal suffering to their souls.


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