I am that which I am not. That which I think not is my thoughts.
You are born from that which is me, yet not.
You are everything to me, who lives in the thought of that which I have thought not.

The world too is made from the will and force
Of that which is me yet not, and the thought of that which I have thought not.
You are everything to me and as such
I placed you in a world of tenderness and hardship.

And here it is on this land
That you will come to know my tenderness and severity.

Though within my tenderness you may learn of love
There are few who will know love within my severity.

Those who see love in tenderness are beloved to me
But those who see love in severity know me.

It is within my tenderness
You will acquire gentleness, brightness and hope
Within my severity
You will cultivate the value of independence, conviction, courage and love

You are born into the world alone
You will gain much, and lose much as well

But in losing much
Do not forget that your hearts will certainly grow.

It is for that reason that I put you out into the world
To live with those you love, and to know the truth of joy
Sacrificing yourself for those whom you love
To know the true meaning of love
To take people by the hand and know the significance of harmony
To know the meaning of prayer when someone precious is besieged by disease
To reflect upon life when someone precious is lost to you
So that when you have lost someone who is precious to you
You may become precious to those who are left behind.

In the flow of life from birth to death
Parent & child, husband & wife, older & younger brother, older & younger sister
From friend to friend, person to person
Hearts cross in the sparkling light of life
Give and you will receive, love and you will be loved
When they know the truth of equality and peace
People pass through the gate of immortality and return to me.

Until you yourselves have attained the role of saviour (parent)
I (Something Great) will continue in the agonies of childbearing
To show you a world of riches that transcends desire
To show you a world of love that transcends wisdom
To show you a world of eternity that transcends the limits of life in this world.

I give you a destiny of turmoil, disease and death
I make worthless the wisdom of sages, and fortune as though a floating weed
And mark life by vicissitudes, all so that you will know true wisdom.

And then, from the very core of my heart, Something Great’s next words spoke to me of love:


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