“In order to receive my message correctly, you must not listen from the standpoint of one who was created, but envision yourself in the role of a creator. In other words, if people put themselves into the position of a parent who has given birth to all life on earth, they will be better able to discern a way to deal with this world in all its chaos and stagnation with no salvation in sight. So listen to this message with a sufficiently developed spirit!”

 Children (that which is created) know nothing but the world of children (that which is created). But a parent (creator) knows the world of the parent (creator), as well as the world of the children (that which is created) and the world of love that joins the two together. So undertake this through the heart and will of Something Great!

 About 7 million years ago on the African plains, a creature branched off from the monkeys to become an anthropoid, which evolved into a hominid and eventually into a species of human. Five million years passed, and Neanderthal man would evolve into Cro-Magnon man, and the early Homo sapiens into modern man. Evolution continued on a course that would bring it to the present, where the intellect of man is approaching that of God.

 Science, which developed to its advanced state out of the collective powers of the human intellect, brought the world numerous truths and immutable laws. From this appeared the image of a perfect God, and they called it Something Great.

 This God, however, is utterly different from those of modern religions. It transcends national boundaries, human rights, race, and the concepts and ideologies of existing religions. It at once encompasses all, and divinely, philosophically, physically and psychologically harmonizes all, giving rise to no incongruities whatsoever. It wipes out all confrontation and conflict, and it appeared in the world in all the perfection of a true God, and it showed itself to all.

 And then that God found lodging in the hearts of all people, from where it whispers to their conscience. And I took that whisper as a light that guides me to live in the light of the law that is the product of Something Great’s work.

 Then it offered guidance, as only the true God can, to the future of human society, which will never recover if it continues on its present course. It indicated two paths, saying, “If you go in this way, you will turn hardship into good fortune and prosper in all places and times.” So do not remain as mere spectators in the face of this problem. Feel and reflect upon the words of the true Something Great (God). And I pray deeply that people’s children will themselves become parents and that as parents they will shine in resplendent glory.



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