There is mention of the human lifespan in the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Adam lived to be 930, Seth to be 912, Enos 905, and Canaan to 910. In other words, people at that time lived to be as old as trees. So just what was the secret of their longevity?

 I asked the voice within, and it told me something of great interest, “Of all the living things on Earth, plant life lives by conditioned reflex, animals primarily by instinct, and humans by instinct accompanied by knowledge and intellect. They are given to desire, become consumed by worldly passions and stress, and are themselves responsible for shortening their life spans. But man’s ancestors lived by the same conditioned reflexes as plant life, and therefore they lived just as long as plants, and did not rot when they died, but dried up just like plants and were mummified.” The voice then addressed me in a bemoaning tone, “But at some point the human spirit became near to that of animals and turned them into what they are today. Their life spans became like that of animals and their corpses rot.”

 As though in evidence of this, George Adamski, who claims he once met a Venutian, recorded that humans are creatures of habit, who, so long as there are no exceptional circumstances, will live the greater part of their lives by conditioned reflex without using their heads, just as someone who is used to driving would drive a car.

 And of the people who live such lives of conditioned reflex and habit, those who do not accumulate stress and who do not tire easily, and who are optimistic about life, will generally live longer and experience less illness than those who live a contrary lifestyle.

 Circulatory problems often beset people who are irritable, you are prone to weak intestines and digestive ailments if you tend to worry or are timid, excessive weakness of spirit can cause disorders in the mucous membrane of your throat making you prone to colds and respiratory diseases, and impatience or intolerance can lead to liver, kidney, and all other varieties of disease. One root of all these problems is represented by the saying that illness results from a “disorder of the spirit.” Now that I have come this far, I will continue by expounding upon the mummies of the Egyptian kings.

 According to Egyptian records, if you preserve a corpse, life will some day return to the body, and it will be revived. This is apparently the original reason behind creating mummies of the kings, but I think that there is another hidden and truer reason for this practice.

 I believe that the true reason is this: To show as evidence that their great king lived in perfect harmony, exhibiting no inconsistencies whatsoever, with the great cosmic consciousness, or put another way, as evidence that the will of God was in unity with the will of the king and that he ruled with complete omniscience and omnipotence; and to show as evidence that the body of the king was not subject to the wretched phenomenon of decay, but dried naturally into a mummy – they processed the body of the king into a mummy.


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