Someone wrote this poem in response to the simultaneous terrorist attack on America last year. The most fearful example of “Henry” is the atomic bomb. And while America claims to maintain an atomic arsenal as a deterrent to war, is it not apparent that they also use it for intimidation? But those who would use this are completely under the control of “Henry.” They are worthless minions of hell; brutes in whom justice has no place, and enemies of humankind.

 The killing power of weapons of mass destruction will only grow so long as science continues upon its present course, and humankind will be exterminated like insects. But though the perpetrators may be indifferent to their actions, the vanquished will forever harbor a desire for vengeance, and hate those who have killed. The curse of those who have been so murderously cast into hell will become so deep-seated that it will forever fall upon the nation that has killed, as well as upon all of their descendants

 Japanese people often claim that it is easy to maintain a relationship with Americans or Europeans because they are so frank in the way they express themselves. But just how much responsibility do they feel for the import of the statements that they make? The United States of America is founded upon a national policy of freedom and democracy, but just why is it that they are so famous as being the foremost nation of egalitarian jurisprudence?

 Oriental thought espouses equal consideration for both parties and evenly draws a line between them. But as the two seek for a middle ground that will be satisfactory to them both, consideration for the thoughts and feelings of the other party often causes a lull in conversation, and it sometimes becomes difficult to firmly state what one thinks. Americans and Europeans often find this difficult to comprehend and take it as being evasive or noncommittal.

  What’s more, it is a philosophy that views all life and things in nature as a necessary part of the whole. Even a single earthworm has an indispensable place in the world, and all life lives together in mutual prosperity. And, contrary to the Occidental proclivity to deny the legitimacy of other philosophies and to kill, the most important tenet is that everything begins by first accepting the existence of others.

 We will never achieve world peace if we do not become aware of the important difference between denying and killing, acceptance and the ability to empathize with others.

 Oriental thought is the Great Angolmor King (the new ruler who incites peace [in other words, the name of the ideology]) who is followed by peace. And those who seek to put this into practice are the true angels of humanity.


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