There was a time when the lid on Pandora’s box was opened, releasing the desires, worldly passions, prejudices, combative spirit and all of humankind’s other sins and punishments into the world, thereby plunging human society into a chaotic hell.

 That is the state of the world today. It is known as a lawless world in which there is no reason, injustice runs rampant, we are possessed by desire, there is sexual corruptness, and all of humanity is morally corrupt.

 Outmoded national systems have people at odds over territories, national policies, national interests, and past grudges. There has been continual discord between different races and ethnic groups, and the religions and ideologies that are supposed to bring people happiness have instead proved intolerant and oppressive toward other ideologies and religions. History has been a cycle of the victors and the vanquished, those who kill and those who are killed, and the rift is fast becoming irreparable.

 What’s more, in order to maintain this convenient and comfortable material civilization, the earth’s nature is thoroughly being polluted, and the unchecked flow of consumed energy is creating a greenhouse effect that is melting the ice at both poles, thereby raising the earth’s water level so that low-lying lands will soon sink into the ocean.

 Civilization’s output of chlorofluorocarbon gases has created big holes in the ozone layer of the skies over the polar regions, and the earth is being bathed in radiation that is harmful to humans and other living creatures. Carbon dioxide acidifies the clouds, and the acid rain that they pour forth is threatening to turn the earth into a dead planet like Venus.

 In addition, the tropical forests that supply our vital life source of oxygen are being uprooted, quickly turning the Earth into a desert. It appears that humankind is nothing but a harmful organism to itself, to other living organisms, and to the natural environment.


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