As with the Earth, is the future of humankind to condense down to a single point, cause a Big Bang, and become extinct? No, I am taught that that is not to be. “By who?” “By God.” “Where is God?” “Within my heart.” “How is it you can say that?” “The proof is that I live in a truth that may lie to others but never to myself; that may fool others but cannot fool me. It is internal. It is because I believe the God that lives within my heart.”

 And that God said to me: “An ugly caterpillar lives in the treetop (Earth). It eats the leaves of the tree to its heart’s content. It eats and eats, mindless that the tree may wither or die. But before long, that caterpillar will spit up a string of sins and punishments, attach it to the tree leaves, and spend time as an immobile chrysalis. Then the day will come when it breaks open the shell of the chrysalis, becomes a butterfly, and travels the skies like the most elegant angel. It will suck the nectar from flowers, but will not kill them. It will be an angel that gives the flowers the seeds to multiply a hundred or thousand fold.” That is the future of humankind that the God who resides in my heart reveals to me.

 Where does humankind exist in this process where the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis, and the chrysalis grows wings to become a butterfly? God says, “It is just before the point where the caterpillar begins to transform into a chrysalis.”

 Just as such, human society is precisely at the stage where it has entered upon an era of chaos with no certain definition of right and wrong or good and evil. It is beset by internal and external turmoil and is poised to enter a state where it has lost all power of mobility.

 However, if you know that this is an omen of hope and joy, and not a dark portent of things to come, you will develop courage. And, while it is not the poem of Noah, we will all release to heaven the dove that we possess within who longs so for peace, and we will one day make our way to the land of eternal rest.

 I have not used this Web site to relate the multitude of wrongdoings perpetrated by people and nations in order to pass judgment or denounce. I merely want to provide people with material for serious reflection so that we can undertake the necessary reforms.


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