Do you not sense a crisis facing the future of human society? Israel ignored the feelings and the views of the Arab countries when, armed with the mission of a martyr to regain what had once been their lost homeland, they unjustly contrived to install themselves on the land of the Palestinian people. Can one justify what they did and the ways the United States aids them? The turmoil caused by this illegal occupation, and the inveterate feelings of hatred caused by their mutual slaughter preclude any viable solutions to this dilemma in the near future.

 While America was the impetus behind attacking Afghanistan and installing a new regime, the acts of terrorism that a small country has perpetrated against the ego of this world power, completely destroying the World Trade Center, a national symbol, as well as attacking the Pentagon, have revealed the numerous incapacitating weak points that the military superpower possesses in the face of terrorism. They used the latest weaponry to utterly destroy Afghanistan in an attempt to kill Bin Laden, and they offered an enormous bounty for his arrest. But Bin Laden is alive and well and planning to take vengeance anew, and as the top leaders of the new regime are successively assassinated, the situation is clearly out of control.

 Having carried out their attack on Afghanistan, America is now attempting to begin a military campaign against Iraq in order to bring about the downfall of Hussein’s government. The ostensible goal is to bring an end to Iraq’s development of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons in particular. Why, then, doesn’t America and the other industrialized nations set an example by disposing of their own nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction?

 Something I would like to ask even more is: Whereas America, at the time of their founding, forwarded to the nations of the world a pact for mutual nonintervention in which they requested that other countries not intervene in their national affairs with the understanding that America would not intervene in theirs, now that they unilaterally take it upon themselves to police the world, do they intend to use force and continue on their path of intervention?

 The human race is now master of a superior intellect, and they have developed a supremely advanced material civilization, the conveniences and comforts of which, however, are a double-edged sword. One product of this is the continuing appearance of atrocious weapons of mass murder, and civilization is now holding hell and heaven in front of humankind and telling it to make a choice.

 Battles began with clubs, bows and arrows, spears, and swords, and they evolved to include pistols, machine guns, cannons, bombs, nuclear bombs, neutron bombs, bacteriological bombs and gas bombs, tanks, airplanes, battleships and submarines, and ballistic missiles that span oceans. There appears to be no end in sight. Civilians join the ranks of war casualties, slaughters of holocaust proportions are perpetrated, and the deep-seated hatred toward an enemy who has killed members of your family will never disappear.

 America’s democracy used to be based on a government “of the people, by the people and for the people,” but at what point did it become a world policy “of America, by America and for America”?

 And there is a great difference between fighting on one’s own territory and fighting on the territory of another country. Japan once brought war to other countries and fought with no consideration for the suffering of the people in them. Then defeat became imminent, Japan was subjected to indiscriminate bombing, Okinawa became powerless to fend off the enemy, and the country had no recourse but to surrender. America then made a blood bath with the people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki so that they could test their nuclear bombs, and after the end of the war, they sent a group of doctors to examine the results.

 Japan has thus seen both sides of war fought abroad and on one’s own soil. America, on the other hand, has fought all of its wars abroad, wounding the people of other countries, instilling bitterness and gaining their hatred, and causing those feelings to spread like wildfire throughout the world. As a member of one of its allies, I pray that this does not lead to America’s isolation.

 In all truth, I do not hate America; in fact, I like America very much. Above all else, it is America that came to Japan’s rescue once the war had ended. They offered all manner of aid and are responsible for making Japan what it is today. In some ways, America is like a trustworthy elder brother.

 That is why I do not wish for that brother to be hated by the world. I want that brother to be a splendid and trusted example to the world. And I made this record expressly because I want that brother to gain the proper recognition of his role and to think hard on



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