For example, if you deprived a hen of calcium, she would lay eggs that had a soft, unstable shell. If, however, you gave her calcium and, which has absolutely no causal relationship, the biotite would be transformed into calcium and the hen would once again lay eggs with hard shells.

 In other words, just like alchemists in the past, the body of the chicken has the extraordinary ability to transform causally unrelated matter into a useful or necessary substance. On the other hand, however, while young girls have red cheeks and lips, as they get older they apply blush and lose the natural redness in their cheeks, or they apply lipstick and lose the color in their lips. As such, just how aware are we of the fact that if you add things to the body and supplement it, it will lose its ability to produce?

 Be that as it may, until you grow old and your body naturally loses its ability to produce, there is no need for nutritional supplements. And, personally speaking, I would like to warn against the peculiar popularity of nutritional supplements in recent years.


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