Words are commonly thought of as a means to relate feelings, thoughts, and intentions to other people; they come from the mouth of the body and travel through the air, which acts as a medium to transmit them to the tympanum of the ear of the listener, causing it to resonate.

 But, in actuality, “words” should be called “ideas,” because they express the feelings that occur before they have been put into words. When you receive them, they are an inspiration to you. When they come to you from elsewhere, they are known as telepathy.

 To explain further, let’s look at something invisible to the “eye” of society; for example, the great number of electric waves that travel about inundating the spaces that we cannot see. The principle is the same as when we tune into one of the many wave frequencies to obtain a particular piece of information. Therefore, if you learn to perfectly operate that mechanism which is part of our original mind, you will be able to see into the minds of others and communicate with plants and animals; you will share in the grand consciousness of Something Great (that which was called God); and those who bring the “word” to the world will be known as prophets.

 In addition, there is no great sin in responding to the words of another with a weak conditioned response if that is all they justify. But if you are the recipient of an omniscient and omnipotent thought that has existed since the most ancient of times, I admonish you to succeed to its will and know your duty to share it with the world.

 If reading this homepage arouses a sympathetic response within you, you find that your destiny has changed for the better, and life has become easier, it is your duty to take the time to contribute and be of assistance to others wherever you can.

 If you read this homepage and are deeply moved; if you feel a surge of electricity running up your spine; if the temples of your head are constricted into a loop and gold dust flies forth, and your tears flow in an unending stream; if you exhibit these or other such phenomena, it is unimpeachable proof that you are part of angelic humanity. These people surely exist scattered about Japan and the world like the myriad stars in the night sky. These people can use this homepage as a medium by which to come together. They are representatives of the will of Something Great (the great consciousness of the cosmos that is known as the “word”), and they are endowed with the blessings of Heaven. Expressing these blessings to the world is for them not an obligation, but an honorable right.


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