If you cut the body of the protozoan planarian worm into three parts (upper, middle, lower), the trunk and tail parts will grow back out of the severed portion of the head, the head and tail parts will grow back out of the trunk, and the head and trunk will grow back out of the tail parts, giving you three planarian .

 Medical studies have been done on this phenomenon to see if humans possessed a cell with similar capabilities. They found that the ES cells located in human bone marrow control this function, and they eventually began to conduct regenerative treatment on burn victims, for example, by transplanting the ES cells to the damaged area.

 What’s more, cloning technology developed with successful efforts to reproduce a carrot, making it possible even to clone a human. In a different field, that technology also makes it possible to clone specific organs that could be used for absolutely perfect transplants with no worry of rejection. The question arises, however, of whether it is moral to create human body parts and transplant them in order keep people alive.

 In addition to this, the genetic code known as the human genome was once said to be so astronomically large that it would be impossible to decipher. Advances in IT technology, however, have allowed modern science to succeed in deciphering the code, and we must now recognize the existence of something that inputs that gigantic, astronomically large code. In order to distinguish from the familiar gods of religion, I have chosen to call it, “Something Great.”

 The father of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein, seems to suggest its existence in clearly stating that, “The theory of relativity that I propose is not something that I thought up myself, but something that came from beyond.”

 To sum this all up, there is no truth or law that cannot be explained by science.

 For example, if you took atomic values and atomic numbers, as well as corresponding chemical elements and the periodic law of inorganic chemistry, and brought them together with a cyclotron that made applied use of them, it would be simple to prove the Buddhist doctrine of reincarnation.

 If you wanted to clarify the world of love, all you would have to do is be firm in your pursuit to reveal the secrets of the law of universal gravitation.

 Self-professed psychics truly wanting to know how to connect with God would be able to do so if they understood the logic behind magnets and magnetism.

 If you wanted to know the true essence of Zen, discovering the relationship of the wave motion of the brain’s standard β-waves, the wave motion of sleep-governing λ-waves to Δ-waves, and the harmoniously balanced α-waves and Ө-waves would show you in an instant that Zen is simply a matter of brainwave patterns.

 But approaching from this perspective brings us to the essence of religion, and if you were to scrutinize psychics, those who were frauds would soon be revealed.

 At any rate, science has advanced in leaps and bounds and is approaching the “Star Wars” realm in which physical objects can be transmitted through space. You can see that science may actually bring us a time machine that can pass through the barrier of space-time.

Be that as it may, science will one day reach an ultimate state where, except for the true mysteries of creation, it will be able to explain all.

 Once it has explained all, it will know its limits, and it will know the true God and be humbled.

 The greatness of humankind has allowed it to alter chromosomes and clone living creatures. But when it understands that life itself is in the hands of the Creator, and that they themselves cannot create even protozoan organisms, they will recognize the Creator in Something Great; that it is the father; that the father made Mother Nature pregnant and that she gave birth to people and all other life; that that which was born was cast into a world of loving tenderness and benevolent severity. She says, “My child, evolve as I have, become truth,  become parent, become godly.” But Nature is herself defiled by her children and wounded. And it is in this state that she continues being subjected to the agonies of childbearing.

 Up to this point, I have used physical laws to explain many truths and laws of nature. If I were to go into further detail this would become an entire book, so I have chosen instead to wait and use this homepage as a medium for collecting opinions and having discussions with other people interested in explicating truths and laws through physical and electro-physical principles.

 The lessons of nature, however, are all around us. For example, the water that gathers in ponds and lakes; river water that flows and is purified in a natural cycle; the mineral-laden underground water that comes from water that was trapped in rock formations and clay layers and has flown out drop by drop; they are all precious examples of water.

 Subjected to the pressure of the Earth for a mind-boggling number of years, the great quantities of carbon that you get from burning things will change into the most dazzling and precious of diamonds.

 No matter which one you examine, it reveals the truth that licking at the hardships of the world causes you to be purified and to advance and evolve.


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