Astounding advances in IT technology have made it possible to hide codes or messages in photos, movies, written material, or anywhere else one may want. But even more astounding is the fact that approximately 400 years ago there was a prophet who possessed an even more accurate way of predicting what is now our present.

 His methods attest to the greatness of his supernatural powers as a psychic, and there is no one but I who has unraveled the truth of his prophecies. His name is Michel de Nostradamus, and he was a doctor who lived in France approximately 400 years ago.

  His predictions for the future, contained in the words of his four and six line verses, were the poems that comprised the multi-volume book by Ben Goto, “The Great Prophecies of Nostradamus,” the bestseller that caused quite a sensation when it was released approximately 29 years ago.

 Four hundred years ago, the plague was rampant in Salon, in the south of France, where there appeared to be no stopping the death of the townspeople. The doctor wandered into town and declared that, “In 200 years, people will probably deal with the plague in this way.” After which he proceeded to wipe down the walls of all the houses with strong liquor. He then captured all of the rats in the town and burned them. And while burials were the custom of the time, he had all of the corpses dug up and also burned. The result was that the plague, which had been wreaking havoc with intense fury, was suddenly subdued, and the town of Salon was saved.

 If Nostradamus was able to see through to the world of medicine two hundred years beyond, he undoubtedly saw the conditions of our present, 400 hundred years ahead of his time. And he knew that if he used anagrams made from technical terms that people could not possibly understand in his time, they would serve as absolutely indecipherable codes.

 One case in point would be that when Tsutomu Goto translated “The Great Prophecies of Nostradamus,” he misinterpreted “Henry” as either referring to the name of a dictator, such as Hitler, or the new EC (European Community). And he never undertook to find the answer. What’s more, you will see that he was quite off the mark about what “Henry” truly meant, if you decipher the quatrain to see that it says, “People loved Henry from the very beginning.” As such, it vividly shows that when a psychic reads the future and develops a code that is made of anagrams which are designed to be indecipherable to anyone but those who live in the age from which they come, it is extremely difficult to decode it using standard conceptions.

 Why then was I able to decipher the code? The reason is that, though to a lesser degree, I possess the same psychic powers as Nostradamus. And now I will give a modest explanation of just what “Henry” is. In electronic terms, “Henry” is “self-inductance.” In human terms, self-inductance is the same as someone who, without ever being held to morals, sense of duty, love, mercy, laws, or any other social rules or limitations, lives only in accordance with his thoughts, desires, and instincts.

 Applied to our present day “automobile society,” I believe it would be accurate to liken it to a driver, whose true desire when caught in traffic or traveling crowded roads is to ignore speed limits and all of the traffic regulations and road signs.

To counteract “Henry,” there is “aum” (resistance). It is the same principle that underlies the intoning of “aum” at the end of a Japanese Shinto prayer.

 For example, this principle governs the controlled use of atomic energy to produce electricity; a control rod (aum) is used to mitigate the explosive fission reaction (Henry) incited by the neutrons.

 For people, it should be taught that laws exist as the minimum requirement for viably maintaining the human character and that aum is what will provide the most thorough understanding of morals, obligations, love, and mercy.

 Wars are what most provoke the appearance of “Henry,” and it is in war that “Henry” shows its unimaginable ability to transform people into brutes. They will mercilessly slaughter the people of enemy countries as though they were insects, pillage and destroy their homes and buildings, assault women, and kill children. And the hatred toward an enemy who has stolen and destroyed everything you had and trampled you underfoot will be inherited from parent to child to grandchild, and they will wait for the day when they can strike back and take vengeance.

 Where inside your mind and flesh do you think this “Henry,” which so invidiously guides humankind toward pandemonium, resides? Let us attempt to shed light on this matt.


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